Soccer Fitness for Soccer Games

These days conditioning through soccer games is a lot different than it was before. Before, players would run long laps of cardio exercises to be in shape in time for the soccer season. This was enough years ago. But with the passage of time, training and performance have changed.

Younger coaches are now avoiding those boring cardio runs as they are now updated with the newer strategies with soccer fitness. They would instead develop practices that are paced in actual soccer games.

In soccer games, there are sprints with recovery and the normal sprints. This will be helpful for male or female, young or old. Your players will only have injuries, become weak and slow if you only send them into conditioning runs. Unfortunately, because of the misinformed parents and coaches, lots of players still get injured. Players may suffer from knee pain, plantar fasciitis, off the soccer pitch and Achilles tendonitis. Many of the players are continuously pulling their quadriceps muscles and hamstrings. With these, you would have to look and change how you train the players.

You may now wonder how you can prevent these injuries from happening. You would want to train the players the way soccer games are played. Soccer games are usually played with sprints in interval and with recovery periods. For up to twenty yards, the player will sprint; then receives the ball before he passes the ball to another player. To do all these in the game, the player has to be in good condition. The pace of the game is not sedentary either; hence the training should be changing as well.

This kind of practice and training will prepare the players for the actual pace of real soccer games, compared with the steady cardio training. With this training, players can practice in a more specific manner. Players also need to have the required strength for interval works and sprints. Completing a twenty-five minute run or jog can be done by any player.

But if you would look carefully, ranger of motion occurs on the ankle joints, knees and hip is very little. But by changing the type of movement placed, you can do interval training and sprints at the same time. Stops, change of directions, starts, forward movements, side shuffles and backward movements are all included in soccer fitness. Such movements are actually the same with the actions made in the soccer field for the preparation of actual soccer games.

Hence, stop doing those old style cardio runs. Train the proper way.


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